2021 Sir Richard Piquette x 4 Pack

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We ship in quantities of 4, 6, 8 or 12 bottles. 4 cans = 2 bottles for shipping. Flat rate shipping is $29 in BC and $35 for rest of Canada. Mix and match is totally cool..

Why so serious? Seriously, wine world? With your terroir and tasting notes. It can all be a bit much. Meet Sir Richard Piquette. His friends call him Dick Piq for short. he cares not for the finer things in life. He’d be happier hanging out with Miles, making a scene sipping from the spit bucket than conforming to the social norms of your average tasting room. This is his beverage of choice. It’s not wine. It’s not for everyone. And it’s not for all the time. But, if you are a consenting adult looking for a good time, a naughty time even, then this could be your ticket. Just remember to #plssnddickpiq

This wine loves the sweet soothing sound of your safe word

Drink this and watch the world burn

One word consent

Winemoji 🍆