2020 The Beast

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Most of our wines earn themselves a “cellar name”, something short and descriptive that allows us to talk about the different wines as they ferment and age in the cellar. The Beast is the first time at our winery where the cellar name has stuck with the wine all the way through to the final label. It came by its name honestly, as in the beginning, this was always the last wine that we would taste when checking on active ferments. It was a bruiser that would make tasting anything afterwards rather bland and difficult to assess.

The Beast also refers to the inner beast within us all, that dark and unsavoury place within each of us that contains all we don’t know, don’t like, or deny about ourselves. Continuing the tale from our previous wines that reference this Beast, or shadow - 2019 Orienteering in the Underworld and 2020 Into the Darkest Woods - The Beast invites us into a skillful relationship with the dark parts of ourselves, learning to relate to those qualities and behaviours we most avoid, no matter how ugly they may seem. 

This wine loves showing off what an orange wine can be when it grows up

Drink this alongside your favourite fatty white fish - perhaps halibut or black cod

One word rawr

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