2020 Last Ride In R.D. Sparkling

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“Humility gives Ocean its power”. ~ Lao-Tzu

This wine was supposed to be about the experience of a long, cold winter - not too dissimilar from that which many of us have experienced socially and psychologically during these recent pandemic years. We have been faced with requirements of pain, restriction, and discipline; limitation, frustration, and hard work. It was a perfect metaphor for these Chardonnay grapes which struggled last fall to ripen, and which finally arrived on the crush pad in late October after having sat in a neglected bin in the vineyard overnight, covered in snow.

Then we let the wine evolve and finally tasted it before disgorging this summer. And wow - this wine did not taste like winter or sombreness or restraint. It tasted like juicy, electric rapture. Like a tropical fruit salad explosion blended into a piña colada, sipped out of a pineapple through a giant straw while having a sunset dance party on the beach after an epic surf session on a perfect, glassy, barreling wave.

Maybe we were just really jonesing for a surf trip after nearly 2 years of COVID travel lockdown. Craving the feeling of sun on our faces and salt on our skin. Desiring the mix of fear and exhilaration that comes from surrendering your body to the power of the ocean. Experiencing effort without strain. In touch with your animal instincts and sensing your place in the Universe. The feeling of accomplishment, wonder, and satisfaction from catching that last ride in to shore. 

This wine loves campfire cookouts on the beach, ponchos, and hyperbolic storytelling

Drink this while jamming out to Green Day’s instrumental surf rock tune Last Ride In

One word Groovy

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