2019 Cowabunga! Sparkling

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We ship in quantities of 4, 6, 8 or 12 bottles. Flat rate shipping is $29 in BC and $35 for rest of Canada. Mix and match is totally cool.

kouəˈbəNGɡə/ Expressing amazement, enthusiasm, satisfaction, joy, or delight.

We are delighted and amazed by this wine. This was the disaster of the vintage, an embarrassing situation where we got caught off guard by some exceptionally fast fermenting barrels that were intended for pétnat. Pétnat requires that you bottle still fermenting juice to create sparkling wine, and these barrels fermented all their sugar before we noticed. So these 5 barrels sat and waited in the barrel room until we could figure out what to do with them. Our wonderful friends Jordan & Tyler at Lightning Rock came to the rescue in the dead of winter and taught us how to make traditional method sparkling wine. Now we know kung fu...er, how to make this beautiful style of wine. And what was a minor embarrassment and a problem to solve is now a totally bodacious and tubular sparkling wine!

This wine loves second chances and new romances

Drink this for a while - because we are going to be releasing it periodically with more and more sur lie age to see how it affects the taste of the wine. Come explore with us!

One word Cowabunga….obv!

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