2019 Orienteering in the Underworld

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The more something matters to you, the harder it can be to approach, to look straight into, to take ownership of, to really face. The more it matters, the closer it is to your heart, and the more intense these feelings and our aversion to them can become. Often, the intensity of these feelings exceeds our capacity to hold space for them, and they are driven deep underground – into our Shadow. To enter the darkness and bring these beasties into the light is known as Shadow Work. We believe that this is some of the most powerful, courageous and transformational work that each of us can do to create healthier versions of ourselves, more supportive relationships, resilient families, and a better world. 

Orienteering in the Underworld is about finding the courage to accept our Shadows, to see and fully accept that ‘‘the line separating good and evil passes through every human heart”1 – including your own. And, despite the emotional toll of accepting this knowledge, to wake up every day and try your best anyway. 

Here is us trying our best at making wine from Syrah. It means a lot to us. It was sometimes scary, but we are very happy we managed to find the courage to try.

1Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

This wine loves quiet contemplation
Drink this with lamb

One word Shadow Work

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