2021 Bifröst

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The Bifröst Bridge, commonly referred to as the Bifröst, is a multidimensional energy that allows instantaneous travel within the Nine Realms, a group of vastly distant celestial bodies that are home to various different races and cultures.

While the concept of the Bifröst derives from ancient Norse mythology in which the Bifröst was the rainbow bridge connecting the land of the Gods (Asgard) with the land of humanity (Midgard), familiarity with the Bifröst has increased exponentially in recent years due to the popularization of this myth in the context of the Avengers series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the Avengers, the Bifröst is used primarily by the Asgardians, who are able to use a rainbow bridge to harness the energy and access the Bifröst in order to travel to and protect the Nine Realms.

Every myth alludes to a deeper truth. In this case, the light energy comprising the universe contains every colour of the rainbow. Even we are light energy encased in an amazing organic vessel. Our connection to this light energy can be seen through our energetic portals in the form of chakras – spinning discs of light energy and sound.

The rainbow bridge – the Bifröst – is the metaphysical journey or path that we, as individuals and as a collective, are traversing. Our aim is to re-align with our limitless divinity and the true nature of our existence.

This wine loves the galvanizing power of Thor’s hammer knocking your chakras into perfect alignment
Drink this while journeying down from the Theta state after a mountainside meditation

One word Integration

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Artwork Aaron K Metz