2020 A Dazzling Light

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When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are…” ~ Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio

This wine is about commitment, perseverance, and purity of heart. We believe that positive emotion can be created intentionally. This is a liberating philosophy, to realize that you are not a passive vessel at the whims of the emotions that wash over you. You can choose, and by your actions, create and improve your emotional landscape. This often requires creating habits and being consistent, and you must voluntarily accept the responsibility that this entails. It can be most impactful when all of this effort and energy is guided by a goal or values that speak deeply to your core needs, and help you manifest a self that is incrementally closer to the idealized version of yourself that you see on your best day, in your purest moments.

The ancient and once neglected vineyard of God’s Mountain is at once a shining vision of your ideal Self, and the banged up version of the Self you may sense yourself as today. God’s Mountain teaches you to accept your imperfections - they are a part of you, and you could not be the beautiful Self you are without them. Once we accept ourselves as we are, we can finally begin the work of intentional change and growth. God’s Mountain, with all of its quirks and challenges, provides us with an abundance of opportunities to improve ourselves and generate meaning everyday.

Our dream for God’s Mountain is to reveal the greatness of this remarkable and mysterious vineyard. We have no preconceptions about where this path may lead us, but it is our guiding light. With thoughtful rehabilitation, we believe that the faded grandeur of this ideal vineyard site will begin to communicate it’s magnificence and wisdom more clearly. By listening carefully to the voice of God’s Mountain, and honing our farming and winemaking approaches accordingly, we hope to make wines that are truly magical. 

This is the first footprint on a long journey. We feel honoured to have been entrusted with this responsibility. 

This wine loves a place to do nothing and rest afterwards

Drink this while sitting by the pool at sunset, overlooking Skaha Lake, at God’s Mountain Estate

One word Journey

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