2022 Return to the Beginning

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Return to the Beginning refers to the cyclical nature of life and time - not the quantitative, chronological, and sequential version of time, but the qualitative and permanent experience of time. Dawn leads to dusk, leads to dawn again. The tides come in, the tides go out, the tides come in again. 

In our opinion, this cyclical nature of time is a truer understanding of time, from an experiential perspective. The earth moves around the sun and that’s a year. The earth spins on its axis and that’s a day. The reality of time is this circular and repetitive manifestation of our physical movement through space. Similarly, in life, you arrive at what you think is the end of something and you’re right back at the beginning again. 

Why did this concept strike us with this wine? At the same time that we got to what we had imagined as some kind of end point in our project - achieving the goal of building and licensing our own land-based winery) - we had the unexpected opportunity to return to working with the first vineyard we ever made wine from - the esteemed Secrest Mountain Vineyard in Oliver, BC. These grapes went into the 2016 and 2017 Pinot Blanc orange wines, and are very symbolic of how we got our start. This experience reminded us that the beginning and the end are actually the same thing.

This wine loves pretending to be an off-dry Riesling, while shattering our perceptions of what Chardonnay is supposed to be

Drink this after climbing to the top of a mountain, before you descend the other side

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