2018 Gamay Noir

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This wine is all about luck. We’d been trying to track down some Gamay to work with  throughout the summer of 2018, but to no avail. By the time harvest started, we had nearly given up on making a red wine during that vintage. We were almost finished harvest when a grower came up a little short on some Pinot Blanc we were purchasing. 

“No problem,” we said, “these things happen.”

“Is there anything else you might like to make it up?” they asked. “There’s some Pinot Noir over there.” 

“That’s nice,” we replied, “but any chance you have Gamay?”

And BAM! Just a couple of weeks from completing our 2018 harvest and the Universe had delivered our first 2 tonnes of Gamay. Magical!

No fruit salad tasting notes here, folks! This wine is crunchy, savoury, sour, and low alcohol. Think beets and rhubarb and a walk through the forest in late autumn.

This wine loves Barbequed salmon, ham and cheese crepes, and the company of a second bottle

Drink this This summer, or whenever you want to make a new friend

One word Fortune