2019 Roussanne Pétnat

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This wine has always been about fun. In 2019 we tried to have as much fun with this as possible, so we decided to turn up the weird and did a whole cluster fermentation for the first 4 days. We stomped whole clusters of grapes, releasing just enough juice to cover the bunches. After 4 days, we pressed and settled the wine in a stainless steel tank for 24 hours, then moved it into barrel to ferment. The first 3 barrels of clear juice became sparkling wine (2 barrels for pétnat and 1 for Cowabunga!). The 4th barrel was filled with the heavy lees fraction and became a source of healthy yeast that we used to help kickstart our later ferments in the vintage, a technique we are loving that creates a biological and spiritual relationship among all our wines in a vintage. So in a way, this wine is the mother of the 2019 vintage!

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