2020 Thus Spoke Veruca

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Veruca Salt is an impatient, spoiled, manipulative, and ungrateful young girl. She is the 2nd Golden Ticket winner in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – though she didn’t actually find the ticket herself. Veruca’s rich and acquiescent father paid his factory workers to open millions of Willy Wonka’s chocolate bars to find it, in order to quell his daughter’s incessant crying and screaming: ‘‘Where’s my Golden Ticket? I want my Golden Ticket!’’ 

Thus Spoke Zarathustra is a philosophical treatise disguised as a tragedy and a parody, written by German philosopher Frederich Nietzsche between 1883-1885. Through the often cryptic ramblings of the protagonist, Zarathustra, Nietzsche explores a profusion of concepts, one of which is to question the value of binary and paternalistic concepts of good and evil, and to advocate for the independent generation of one’s own moral code. 


As we find ourselves automatically judging Veruca we might ask – what is inherently evil about being impatient? There are good aspects of impatience as well – an impatient person is usually also motivated, knows what they want, and has a desire to get there. Might there be a more powerful and responsible way to embody such qualities in ourselves – particularly those we have been inculturated to believe are ‘sinful’? 

True power comes from responsibility. If Veruca had been able to acknowledge and accept responsibility for her own impatience, she may have been able to rise above being an entitled and animalistic brat and channel her will towards a creative and life-affirming activity of value. 

With this wine, we’re playing with the ‘‘sin’’ of impatience – perhaps we could have been more patient and kept it in barrel a little longer. We’re also playing with the idea of Veruca as ‘‘the little brute’’ – this wine being the broodiest, most brutish, boldest red that we’ve produced.

And so we acknowledge with humility that this wine arose from impatience, and that it’s a bit savage and beastly. But it’s with self-awareness, integrity, and maturing values that we are presenting it to you now.

This wine loves to waltz around Loompaland singing ‘‘I want it NOW!!!!’’
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One word Übermensch

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